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Run Automation when two fields are equal

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I would like to create an automation that checks if one field (number) becomes equal to another field’s value then it riggers something. Is that possible? I only see in the condition to input a value but not select another field

thanks a lot

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Here is how I would accomplish this - there could be better ways, but I’m still learning too :-).

Create a formula field with an If/Then statement: IF(Field1 = Field2, 1, 0).
Then create a filtered view for only the records polulated with 1 from the formula.
Your automation can then use the When Record Enters View trigger.

@John_McGarvey is on the right track. That formula could be simplified a bit further, though. The result of an expression like {Field 1} = {Field 2} is a boolean value (True or False) which the IF() function uses to determine which other argument to evaluate and return. However, Airtable will display boolean values as a number (1 or 0). You can use that to your advantage here and drop the surrounding IF() function entirely, using this as your complete formula (with correct field names, of course):

{Field 1} = {Field 2}

That alone is sufficient to produce a 1/0 output and act as trigger for an automation as described.