Running python code using pyairtable when a new item is created in a table

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4 - Data Explorer

If I want to run a python script when an item is created in a table using pyairtable, is this possible or will I only be able to do this through an IDE/terminal? If I can import my script to the website, will I need the plus, pro, or enterprise-level account?

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Only if you can call an endpoint (webhook) that runs Python/your script. You would do this with an automation script using javascript, not Python. But, beware, pyairtable is a library for client-side scripting, not [specifically] server-side scripts. It might work if you can create a Flask server.

I think Pro or better allows you to use the Airtable API.

If your goal is to use data from Airtable to create a web app, you might want to take a look at Streamlit.

Pro or higher (not a Pro trial) is required to run an automation script, which is what could call your endpoint on your server.