Script to read two dates from record and then create a record for each dates between those dates

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Hello all, I am very new to scripting and trying to find a way to create separate records for all dates within a range of two dates, a start and an end. I found this code online but it is not working, I am completely new and just wondering what needs to be added before in order for this to work with Airtables

var fromDate = new Date(inputData.from);
var toDate = new Date(;
var output =[];
var i = 1;
do {
    var useDate = new String(fromDate.toISOString())
    fromDate.setDate(fromDate.getDate() + 1);
while (fromDate <= toDate);
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Hi @Jack_Tranckle ,

The code you have is missing sort of Airtable specific input and output. I kept your original code in the middle and added example how you could get that data.

I have renamed the variable output to outputRecords because output is an existing object in Airtable used to print output to screen.

I hope this will give you some idea!

const tableWithRange =base.getTable("Date range");
const tableWithDays = base.getTable("Days");

const ranges = await tableWithRange.selectRecordsAsync({fields:["Date start","Date end"]})

for (let range of ranges.records){
    var fromDate = new Date(range.getCellValue("Date start"));
    var toDate = new Date(range.getCellValue("Date end"));
    var outputRecords =[];
    var i = 1;
    do {
        var useDate = fromDate
                   "Name":new Date(useDate),
                    "Link to range": [{id:}]
        fromDate.setDate(fromDate.getDate() + 1);
    while (fromDate <= toDate);

    await tableWithDays.createRecordsAsync(outputRecords)

Amazing, thank you so much. How would the “days” table work in this case? Would it be a copy of the “Date range” table where the new records would be created?

Thanks a bunch!

I was working on something very basic:

Thank you! its working now. One thing that is confusing me, I am trying to add more fields for the scrip to copy over to the new records. Ive tried adding a Quantity field, but keep getting an error back. The goal is to add Employee and the parent ID over.