Select multiple products in embedded view to ask for details

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I have an embedded database of products and each product has a button and form to ask for more details. It’s using and sends an email to a specific account manager and cc to the client.

it works well but customers can ask about one product each time. How to select multiple products and ask for them?

Each product might have a different account manager - email.

How can i achieve that?

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Hi @Robert_Matyszewski

How is your base set up? A table with your products and a separate one for the incoming forms?

Yes, exactly separate tables in one airtable base

So is this possible? @Databaser ?

First thought: make a linked record field between your “products” and “requests” base. That way, they can select multiple products via the form if you add that field (which is in the “requests” table I imagine). The e-mails to the managers could then be done via the automations (eg via the “find” action).

So they click on the button in 1 record to open the form and then can select some more. The product they clicked on could be already filled via a prefill.