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4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to create a simple email automation that sends me a list of tasks that were completed each day, similar to the guide here.

How do I get the digest to only send tasks based on the Condition that the check box is completed AND it was completed since the last email (or today)?

In other words, how do I only select the newly completed tasks, not the full list each day?


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That would be relatively tricky, because you would need to mark yesterday’s records in some way so that they’re not repeated again today.

However, Airtable doesn’t currently offer looping of found records, so there’s no quick way to easily mark all of your found records.

Three different ways of doing this are: (1) writing your own custom JavaScript, (2) using an automation tool like, or (3) using the workaround trick that I describe in this BuiltOnAir podcast episode:

Hm, what if you had a Last Modified Time field connected to the Completed field, and then created a formula field that would check whether the Last Modified Time value was after yesterday, 6pm?

Then you could use that formula field along with the Completed is checked condition

It’s somewhat fragile in that, if you end up modifying a Completed checkbox for a record that was completed like last week or something, it would send you an update though

That’s a good idea — and it’s very simple, too!

This is a great idea. Thank you.

I’ve modified the email automation to run overnight for all tasks that were completed yesterday.

One thing I noticed is that “yesterday” is set to GMT. I’m wondering if this will mess me up at all. Is there a way to change from GMT to my local time zone?


I’m not sure either honestly; the timezone stuff always throws me for a loop.

I would recommend you use a formula field to do the check so that you can easily verify stuff and use said formula field for your automation instead