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Automation suddenly stopped working!

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I need help ASAP!! A perfectly running automation suddenly is not working and Airtable’s error message is useless to me; I have no idea what it means. “Creating the record failed with the following message: Could not find a field with name or ID “fldxLorLoDuzYH6VM”.”

How do I figure out what the ID means and thus how to troubleshoot?

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Could you share some more info on both the Trigger and and Action configurations?

Not sure what more info you’re seeking? The trigger is submission of an Airtable form. The action is to create a new record in the only base table that I have. The form has the identical fields as in the table. I’ve tested this tons. All was working well, until suddenly it wasn’t. The only change that I made to the base a couple hours ago was to delete a table completely unrelated to the table where the new records are created. I cannot imagine that had anything to do with the action part of automation suddenly failing.

I have since deleted all the error fields, because that’s what it said to do, to fix the automation. I added back every single form/table field. I have tested. I keep filling out the form to test the automation, and my test form submissions all populate fine. I am stumped and super frustrated.