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4 - Data Explorer

Hi - I am just starting out with Airtable and I want to track my yearly memberships and send an automated email to the customers when they are nearing their 1 year renewal period. In that email I would like to include a stripe link that they can click on to pay for their renewal. Depending on their membership type, I have different stripe links. I am wondering the best way to do this? Here is what I have set up so far...

1. Trigger - I have a filer view set to show records that match a certain condition. For instance - I want to send an email to everyone who purchased in March 2023. So I filtered by date - If Date is after 2/1/2023 and Date is before 335 days ago. (is there a better way to do this?) I also filtered by Membership Type

*The Trigger type I used was "when record matches conditions, but should this be set for a scheduled time instead? Each month I will have different renewals that are due.

2. Actions - find records from my filtered view; I have a condition for each type of membership, then Send an Email.

*I have the email set up but can figure out how to add the URL link to the email. I have the Automation running off of a 'Membership' table that is linked to a 'payment links' table that has all of my payment links listed. Should this be set up differently?

Appreciate any help you can give - thank you!!!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I figured out how to add the URL into the body of the email, just need some help with the proper set up of filtering the group of customers that have a renewal coming up. Thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Lou, depending on how many customers you have, you could do this 2 ways.  Both use a field "days to renewal" which is the number of days since their last renewal subtracted from 365 (use datetime_diff).

less than 100 people getting emails daily

  • use a find command in your automation to find all values where days to renewal < 30.  Then use a for loop for each returned record in the list.  Airtable's search is limited to 100 records so if more than 100 are returned only 100 will be processed.
  • use a trigger that matches a condition.  Condition being when days left to renewal < 30. This will send an email for every record that matches a condition (eliminates the 100 limit).