Sending individual records to an associated email address

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4 - Data Explorer

We are a charity that supports schools in another country and have a base with records for children who are sponsored by people from the wider community. We want to send details from the individual records to the sponsors. We have done this in the past by downloading and mail merging but this requires the photos of the students to be individually downloaded and pasted. Is anyone aware of a better way to do this?

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Hi Roger, may I know if you’ve tried out sending an email via Airtable’s automations?

Here’s the documentation for sending via Gmail

And here’s the documentation for sending via Airtable itself

If you have and faced some issues while doing let me know what those were and perhaps I can help you troubleshoot

Hi Adam,

I have experimented with sending an email from Airtable and face 2 issues:



Hi Roger, your message cut off I’m afraid. I’ve messaged you directly; let’s continue the conversation there

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Adam,

I have experimented with sending an email from Airtable and face 2 issues:

  1. As I see it, the emails need to sent one-by-one by triggering the automation on individual records.
  2. The photo is not sent in the email:

This is an example record


And this is the email I receive:

Dear Sponsor,

here are the details of your XXXX Scholar.

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I really appreciate any help you can offer, thank you.



Hi Adam

I have resent the message in the forum, thank you.



Yeap this is true. If you’re say, sending these monthly, you could create a checkbox field and just mark them all when you want the emails to be sent out

You’d make an automation that would trigger based off of that checkbox field, send those emails, and then update the record to unmark the checkbox field so that you could mark it again next month

If you’re willing to use Airtable’s default “Insert as List” / “Insert as Grid” options, then you could potentially get something that looks like this:

Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 5.55.45 PM

And here’s how that looks as an action:
Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 5.56.01 PM