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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have already successfully created an automation to send an email triggered by a record's field changing.

Now I am trying to create another automation to send a weekly email. In the automation's configuration section, I am filling in the To field. I click on the + sign, and the only options I see, for inserting a value from a field are "Actual trigger time", "Expected trigger time", "Next trigger time". This looks like a bug. Instead of giving me an option to select email recipients from a table, I am being asked about trigger times.

Anyone else seeing this? Is this a bug or am I just misunderstanding how to configure a "scheduled time" automation? How are the email recipients of such an email normally selected?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi @geophile , 

If I understand correctly, you would like to select the email address from the trigger step like you do in your first automation? The problem is, that the automation triggered at specific times is independent of any records in your base. That means that it's normal that you only have the options to use the fields you mentioned above "Actual trigger time", "Expected trigger time", "Next trigger time".

What you need to do if the email address is dynamic (not always the same), is to add a step before the email step where you look for one or multiple records containing the email addresses so that you can fill your findings in the to field. 

Does that help? If you give me some more details on what you're trying to achieve, I might be able to help out more. 

Thank you. I did eventually figure this out, after some googling.

If anyone from Airtable is listening: Your documentation needs a *lot* of work, specifically in the area of putting automations together, how to get data from one part of it to another.

Hi @geophile, I am new to this forum and facing the same issue as you with regards to scheduling emails and was hoping you could share links to where you found your answers. I want to send a weely email to the team that includes their activities. I don't want to send a list of email addresses and list of everyone's activities only those specific to each user. I can't find a way to do this in Airtable. Would really appreciate your help if you were able to resolve this issue.