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Sending weekly email

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Hey All!
Kind of simple question, but perhaps not?
We have interfaces setup and would like to capture those looks and have them sent weekly.
All the data is there to extract, so just curious, is there a way to capture that data/image and have it placed in the body of an autogenerated email?

*Happy Thursday! Here are the numbers from this week! *

*Clients in Training: *
*Live Training: *
• Better Alive than Dead
*Blended Learning: *
• Company Cool
*Upcoming Accounts: *
• Company awesome

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Unfortunately, that is not possible. You could manually take a screenshot and then add it into an attachment field for a record and send an email that way, but it can’t be fully automated.

If only this could be automated somehow, would be very useful for us.
Thanks Scott! Have a great weekend.