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4 - Data Explorer

I ran into a problem using functions like DATEADD({Date 1}, 10, ‘days’). It took forever to find the syntax error AirTable was reporting. It turned out that the ’ coming from some keyboards (mac, ios) was not recognized as the right character. I could fix the formula by copying and pasting the single quote but I could not type it. I was wondering if I was using the wrong key but I could not find another single quote.

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Unfortunately, Airtable’s formula fields only recognize straight quotation marks instead of curly/stylized quotation marks. On iOS, you can get a straight quotation mark by holding down the quotation mark key (either single or double quote key) and you will see a straight quotation mark option.


Hi @Jean_Peccoud

To turn on Smart Quotes on an iPad:


For the MacBook Air, try this:


Hope this helps.

Mary Kay