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I have an automation that is being run when a webhook is received. I have noticed that the automation is being run multiple times for some records; it does not run multiple times for every webhook. I cannot manually recreate this issue. When I manually send a record, it works as intended. I have reviewed the logs of the booking service sending the webhook, and only a single webhook is being sent each time. But, when I review the automation history, every once in a while it is running 5 times. Every time that it runs incorrectly, it is 5 times.

Any thoughts?

My automation in question can be viewed below: 

  1. Webhook Received from booking website. Booking data contains booking information and a customer ID.
  2. Booking is created with booking data.
  3. Script takes customer ID, and makes an API call to booking site to obtain customer information.
  4. Find step to search Customers table for customer ID.
  5. If customer not found, create a new customer with the data from the API call. If customer found, update the existing customer with the data from the API call.


The customer is then linked to their appropriate booking via a linked field. 


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi @Devan_Kreitzer ,

As a first step to check as to why the automation is being run several times I would suggest that you implement a "test table".

Create a "test automation" which would have one goal and one goal only to simply take the data from the webhook and populate the same in a record in the "test table" (or some other simple function). Do NOT implement any of the other steps of your automation here i.e searching for customer, updating/creating customers etc etc .If the data is populating only once per webhook call (which it ideally should) then it might indicate some flaw in the logic of the automation, else we would need to dig deeper to figure out the root cause

Thanks for this tip! I created a new automation that is only the record population. Since the automation doesn't mess up if I manually send a webhook trigger, I will wait to see if a webhook sent naturally causes the error.

Also, to note, when I look at the Run history it looks like Airtable is receiving multiple webhook triggers and the issue is not with the logic, but the trigger itself.

Airtable run history: 


Webhook log:





Hi @Harsh2, I just wanted to ping this again that I am still running into this issue. With your advice, I created a new automation that makes a record based on the Webhook received. The issue happened for both the main automation and the newly created, secondary automation. This may be an issue with the booking platform OR Airtable's Webhook received trigger (this is the first time I've used this trigger).


Any thoughts?