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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all

i'm struggling with an automation and i have done my fare share of research before i decided to create this post.


i have a table to track multiple account if the bank matches the books. 


Here are my fields: Account, Date last matched, Status


My goal is that when the date of the last matched is TODAY the status should be UP-TO-DATE

If the date of last matched is YESTERDAY the status should be UP TO YESTERDAY

and so on, see attached screenshot.

2024-01-11 11_30_53-Prestige Project Managment_ Bank Rec..png

I have tried different automations but i couldn't find something that would work.

Here are some of the stuff that i tried. 

2024-01-18 11_37_29-Window.png

2024-01-18 11_37_44-Window.png

2024-01-18 11_38_01-Window.png

2024-01-18 11_42_45-Window.png

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi there!

you should create one automation and one view for each status you want to read and modify. so you can use it on the search module.

Also, a "last modified time" field, that tracks an specific field, the status in this case.


for example: create a view called "Updated today". Filter by that "last modified" field.

then, in the search module of the automation you can use it to filter by view, not by condition.

i think i'm missing some steps right now. it's easier when i'm doing it.


i'm a consultant, so let me know if i can give further help. Contact me at


Community Manager
Community Manager

Another approach is to use a SWITCH or IF formula that writes your status as a text field

// Modify IF statement to match your updated criteria

IF( IS_SAME({Date Updated}, TODAY(), 'day'), 'Today', IF( IS_SAME({Date Updated}, DATEADD(TODAY(), -1, 'day'), 'day'), 'Yesterday', 'In the Past' ) ) 


I then use an automation to copy the status to a single select field.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thanks @Marcelo & @Dan_Montoya for taking the time to reply, i was hoping to avoid adding more fields or views, but i guess there isn't a simpler way to work just with the automations.