Syncing and updating records from one table to another

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello Everyone,

I have 2 tables that have records I want to update. One table is called Inventory, and the other is Content Info. ‘Inventory’ is our bible but the ‘Content Info’ have some records that we want to update in the Inventory, I have a field called “Housenumber” for both tables, but because in the ‘Inventory’ we tend to have multiple records entered by multiple people for “Titles” (with different spelling) but with same housenumbers, this makes the confusion (i know).

Now we need to find the “Housenumbers” in the Inventory with the same from Content Info, so we can update the fields we require by automation not manually. We’re doing this automation so we can update the field ‘Season ID’ and ‘Show ID’

I have references below:

Content Info Table

Inventory Table

As you can see, “Jad Al Shoja” has records in both sides when I searched the “Housenumber”, but in the Inventory it’s 2 entries.

So I made an automation:

  1. When a record is updated:

  2. Find Records:

  3. Update Record:

It did work totally fine for the other entries that doesnt have multiple ‘housenumbers’, but for the duplicated ones it ‘Failed’.

example of ‘Successful’ automation: (3 out of 14)


Is there an additional step that i should’ve included in the automation to cover this case?
Would be a great help to hear suggestions.

My Best,

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Hi @Mae_Infante

There would he many workarounds, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

For example, when more than 1 record is found, what should happen? Should only one of them be considered?

Maybe consider creating another automation that deletes duplicates as soon as they are submitted? Merge them?

Need to know more about your workflow