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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I'm trying to use a Task Template table & an automation to create Tasks aligned to an Account based on a specific criteria. I've got the automation working with the following set up: 

  • When a record matches a condition in the Accounts table
    • Product/Service [LinkedRecord to the Product/Service table] is not empty 
  • Find Records in Task Template table & create list based on Product/Service dynamically pulling in Product/Service of Airtable ID in trigger
  • Create Records in the Task List for Accounts table with the relevant fields. 

Here is the problem: I want the "trigger" to be a multiselect field (IE there could be one or many product/services purchased by an account). I am having trouble figuring out how to change the trigger such that it creates tasks that are linked to multiple Product/Services. (In the Task Template table I've also linked the Tasks to the Product/Service. Some of these tasks can be for all three services). I want to look at ALL of the tags in the Product/Services Field on the Account table and then have the automation find all of the Tasks in the Task Template that have each of those Product/Services and create these as a new Task in the Task List for Accounts table. 

What am I missing to get the system to watch multi-select fields? 

Additionally, I want to figure out a way to set up more logic with the "buckets" of tasks. Essentially, within one product specifically, there will be additional tasks based on additional add-on services. So, I need to figure out a trigger that is watching if this specific product is tagged in the Product/Services field on the Account level AND this other single select field is ABC, pull in the tasks for the Product/Services AND ABC. 

Currently, I only have the Product/Services as a LinkedRecord field tied to both the Accounts & Task Template tables. Do I need to do the same thing for this secondary tag for the products that have additional criteria for more unique tasks? 


Thanks all! 

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Assuming all the Product/Services are added at once, then your idea of using a multiselect field works fine.  You'd use a repeating group action and use the multiselect field as a list, and then put your existing "Find Record" and "Create Record" actions in the repeating group.  You'd need to make your trigger manual though, something like a checkbox.  Your workflow would then be to populate the mulitselect field as needed and then tick that checkbox to trigger the automation so as to avoid the automation triggering early
If it's possible for Products/Services to be added after tasks have already been created this becomes trickier, you'd need a system to check which Products/Services have already had tasks created for them and find the actionable ones.  Is this possibble?

Sorry, I don't really understand the second question about ABC.  If we're already using a multiselect field to handle Products/Services, wouldn't the multiselect field have that one product + ABC when we create it?