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I am trying to create a system for giving out registration tickets for a work christmas party.

The idea is, have a base that records Full Name, Email & Phone number.

Then a form that staff can submit to get a “ticket” to the christmas party. the tickets would be Free, no charge. But we have a limit of 180 people maximum for the party and we need to make sure that every submission includes a COUNTDOWN. So there would be a cell column for “ticket number” and each time the form is submitted, there would be a new ticket number generated, with only a total of 180 tickets available.

I have Zapier so can achieve with that, but i’d rather keep it in house with airtable automations. any ideas?

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Hi Martin, this might depend on what workflow you want I think

If you want your users to be unable to submit a form if there are no tickets left, you could do various forms of a workaround involving a table (let’s call this Tickets) that contains only 180 records or something, each record representing a ticket

In your form you’d have a linked field to this table, you would only allow your users to select records from a view where the record wasn’t already linked

After all 180 ticket records are linked, users would not be able to select a record / ticket anymore and thus would not be able to submit the record

However, if you’re fine with letting people submit a record and are managing the max number of tickets another way, you could just have an Autonumber field and a formula field that checked whether the autonumber value was under or equals to 180. You could then have an automation that would run off of that field, and if it was under or equals to 180 you could email them a ticket, and if it was over 180 you could email them and tell them there are no tickets left or something