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I have a problem with airtable automations exporting the field “last modified time”.
I created an autamation triggered by a record update and the action is “append a row in google sheet”.
It seems it works fine but there is a problem with the time because on gsheet appears a difference of one hour.
For example: it’s 12:00, on my pc it’s 12:00, i change a record on airtable and the the field “last modified time” is 12:00. This change triggers the automation but when the record is copied in airtable it shows 11:00.
I really don’t understand why , i tried in gsheet the function NOW() but it shows 12:00 and i tried also the time formatting option “Use the same time zone (GMT) for all collaborators” but it doesn’t work.
Someone knows why or how can i can fix this? Thank you very much

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Could it be a daylight savings time issue?

Thank you!
I don’t think so because in the previous days i made few try and i din’t notice this difference of hour.

If you are in the US, we changed from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time back on November 7, about two weeks ago. Did this hour of difference show up before or after November 7?

No, i live in europe, but this problem is of the last few days. I checked the date and time settings of my pc and google but it’s all right. I also noticed another thing, when i update a record the initial time is correct, it swap of an hour only when is copy in gsheet (both in gsheet and airtable)

Welcome to the community, @pier24!

In Google Sheets, date/time formats & time zones depend on the default locale of your spreadsheet. To change it, go to “File > Spreadsheet Settings”. You’ll get a dialog box where you can set your region & time zone.

If that’s already set correctly, then make sure that you’re sending your dates and times to Google in the right time zone. You can toggle the GMT setting in the formatting section of a date field in Airtable to switch between GMT time and the user’s local time in Airtable.

If you need more insights into time zones, check out my sample base & training video below, which also shows how to calculate a GMT offset time (which you might need as well):