Automation - When Record Matches Conditions - 'is any of' - Will it retrigger?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey there,

I understand the automation "when record enters a view’ will only trigger the first time a record enters a view.

But what about the below “When record matches conditions, is any of” ?

See picture below of my draft automation:
Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 12.19.49 PM

For example

  1. If a record is marked as “Send Escrow Email” I want automation to run.
  2. If record, is later on then changed and marked as ‘Escrow Opened Already’ I want automation to trigger and run again.

Will this happen?

I want the automation to re-run because I am using the same webhook trigger into the single integromat scenario

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Both “when record enters a view” and “when record matches conditions” will re-trigger again — when the record enters the view again or when the record matches the condition again.

However, in order for the record to match the condition again, it has to unmatch the condition first. So unfortunately, in your situation, you can’t trigger the automation again by simply changing the dropdown menu from one of the matching options to another matching option. The record would have to completely unmatch the condition first, before you match the condition again.

One workaround for this would be to just create 2 different automations — one for each condition. Although Airtable has a paltry limit of only 25 automations, so that might cause problems if you create too many automatons (in which case, you would need to turn to an external automation platform such as my favorite Integromat.)

(Similarly, you could also do the same thing with “When Record Enters A View”, but once again, it would require you to create multiple different automations — one for each view.)

Alternatively, if you know Javascript (or if you hire someone who knows Javascript), you could write a script that only uses up one of your automations, and handle the conditional logic of figuring out which action to run.

Thanks very much for your reply Scott. Understand what you’re saying, this has helped.

I am currently using a (basic) script for this to get the records into integromat, but definitely not something I have advanced skills in. I think I just might settle with creating 2 separate automation triggers which will feed into my same scenario.