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Hey guys here’s the scenario: I have table 1 with leads and table 2 with clients.
Once I update the status of a lead in table 1, I’d like it to appear in my table 2 as a client.
It sounds so easy but I can’t find a way to set this up. Please can someone help? Thanks :v:

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You may want to just create 2 different filtered views: one for leads, and one for clients.

Hi @Testing_Things,
There are a few ways to accomplish this.

  1. If the Leads and Clients tables are relatively the same in information, just have one table, and a Leads view and a Clients view

  2. Add a check box to leads. Place an automation on this checkbox to copy the details of the record to the clients table.

Let me know if you need any help on any of these options.

I would highly recommend going with @Vivid-Squid’s #1 option, which is what I recommended above as well.

@Testing_Things Since you’re new to Airtable, you would probably benefit greatly from my free Airtable training course, where I discuss views at length:

Without knowing what else is going on in the two tables, using one table for both is the best option. The main reason this is better is that it reduces data entry redundancy, keeping your data consistent.

For example, you converted a lead to a client, and a month later your customer’s company changes its name and moves offices. With two tables you would need to update the company name, address, email domains, maybe phone numbers and more in both tables. With one table you only have to update one record.
Also if the Client is no longer a customer, you will need another automation to clear the ‘converted to client’ checkbox or something to show what happened to the lead record that now has no client associated.