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I am using AirTable to track project status for a number of smaller entities my organization funds. I have a form system that has an “Estimated Date of Completion” Date field and a “Status” Single Select field. Each record is a specific task. I would like users to receive a form to update the status of the specific task when the Estimated Date of Completion = Today, so whenever that date occurs, they have to either update the status to completed, or adjust the estimated date of completion.

I was tried to create a new field that used this formula to indicate whether the date for Estimated Date of Completion is today:

IF(IS_SAME({Estimated Date of Completion},TODAY(),‘days’),“It’s today”,“It’s not today”)

That worked, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the Automation function to trigger the activity.

I’m relatively new to this - would appreciate any guidance or direction from the community!

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Trigger: When record matches conditions. Select the appropriate table and field, set that field’s watched value to be “It’s today” without quotes.

Note: If you’re emailing out a form to people, just know that forms always create a NEW record, they will not update an existing record.

You could run a second automation that finds/deletes the old record, or transfers the new info from the new record into the old record and deletes the new record (recommended).

“Delete record” is not an action step so that would need to be done with a script.