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Good afternoon,

I’ve got a handful of automations that are triggered by updates to specific fields in a table, and when the criteria match a record gets flagged. I’m seeking a solution for how to get a new automation to run where the trigger criteria are met by existing records when I flip it on. Currently, when I set the automation to run, the existing matching records don’t execute without manually updating them.

There are tens of thousands of records in play, I know I could manually trigger it via a checkbox or some other square peg, but the maintenance of it all is becoming a part time job on its own.

Is there a mechanism that yall have found which lets this flow more like opening a spigot and less like doing it twice because some records already match the trigger? Would appreciate any insights.

Thank you!

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You could do the following:

  1. Create a new blank Single Line Text field
  2. Adjust your Automation to trigger include all the conditions it has, but adding when the new field = “yes”. Make sure you automation is still on and you click the update button.
  3. Convert the field into a formula that forces that value ("yes" will do). This should cause your automation to trigger for all existing records (that match all trigger conditions)
  4. Wait for all automation runs to complete. Then remove the =“yes” condition from the trigger condition and click update
  5. Delete the formula field.

This is such a simple and clear solution. Worked perfectly for my use case that's similar to OP's. Thank you @Kamille_Parks!!!!