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Working with “Record Created” automation triggers, and I’ve realised that I’m needing a trigger for “When a record is duplicated” - in that, I’m needing to amend both the original and also the duplicate record upon a record being duplicated.

I wrote a request to Airtable support to consider adding a new trigger “When Record is Duplicated” - ie; the user right clicks and selected “Duplicate Record” from the right click menu;


You can see from my screenshot - if there’s only one original record, then no revision. But if it’s duplicated, then Revision of original becomes A, duplicate becomes B. Then duplicate of B becomes C and so on.

Updating the duplicated record is very straightforward, but I’m struggling to think of a method of how I can update the original record that was duplicated… I don’t think there’s an easy way to get the record ID of the original?

Maybe I need some dynamic filtering lookup to find the duplicate record, find the entire set, then Revise that entire set… it might prevent problems with a user selecting a previous duplicate too, then spinning off two duplicate Rev Cs… :thinking:

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Hi @Karlstens, are you willing to use a script for this? Then you would still need an identifier shared by the original as well as duplicate records. Maybe in your screenshot the 17 works for that? Once you have that array of records, the order of records is based on the creation date and then you’re able to assign A - Z to them.