Triggering a Webhook when a record is deleted to sync DDBB

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello to all of you!

I am new here.
I wanted to ask you the following question:

I have to synchronize my 2 databases, I have all the automations created, when a record is created, when a record is updated, but I need to synchronize also the deletion of items.

Checking the documentation I have seen the following:

I have tested the script, but I need to add trigger a webhook with the record ID so I can deal with Integromat and delete the record from the first DDBB.

Can anyone help me?


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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi there—if this is in reference to the deletion of records fully within Airtable, this is not currently a supported trigger, so you’d have to approach this in a different way. We often suggest using something like a checkbox field, that when checked, triggers an automation with the action step being a script to delete the record.


Though, alternatively, as this ask could also be interpreted as detecting deleted records elsewhere and mimicking this in Airtable, this would require a different approach—please let me know if this is still giving you pause and we'd be glad to move this conversation to Support to ensure that we're fully understanding all of the components involved.