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I am trying to create a two-part order/inventory table. I have serial numbers in one table, order received with the orders that the salesperson enters in another table, and order picked in the third (this table is for the fulfilment staff to be able to select the serial numbers desired for that order). All these tables need to be connected and I’d love to have it all automated. But, first step in doing all this is I need to copy order recieved table to the order picked so that there can be two separate forms for my separate departments. I’ve tried doing an automation with the trigger being “when a record is created” and action being “Copy to order picked”. And then once the order has been fulfilled, it all is going back to order received or another table… But for whatever reason this won’t work! Do y’all have anything to help?!

(I’ve tried doing two forms in the same table, but I don’t want to create new records each time, I want to do half the record filled in one form, and the other half in the other form…)

Thank you! I hope this makes sense…

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Hi Helen, if I’m understanding you right, what you want is to track what serial numbers are required for each order, and allow fulfillment staff to set what serial numbers have been packed for each order

And to accomplish that, you’ve created three tables:

  1. Serial Numbers - Serial numbers of items
  2. Orders - Orders received
  3. Packed Orders - Packing status of said orders

And now you’d like for a new record to be created in the Packed Orders table for new orders that are received, as the Packed Orders table acts as a task list of sorts?

If so, I’ve put something together here that I think might do what you’re looking for

Screen Recording 2022-09-10 at 2.59.57 PM

When a new record is created in Orders, an automation runs that will create a new record in the Packed Orders table and then link the two records together.

We can then add a lookup field to the Packed Orders table to display all the Serial Numbers that were linked to the original record in Orders

Your fulfilment staff can then refer to the Packed Orders table alone to see what they need to pick for each order as the relevant serial numbers will be displayed


You could also accomplish this by merging the Packed Orders and Orders table together and set up specific views for your sales people and your fulfillment staff, but I assume there’s a business requirement here that’s making you make one table for each business unit?