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Unable to add current year to numerical field inside automation

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I would like to create an automation that add the current year to a numerical field when a checkbox field is checked when a task is completed. To do so, I created a field “Current year” in which I used the formula “YEAR(TODAY())” and a numerical field “Year completed” to store it when the task is completed. I also have a “Status” filed for tasks.

I created an automation that look for updated records where the checkbox field is checked. I programmed two actions:
The first one changes the status of the record to “Complete”;
The second one adds the value of the “Current year” field to the “Year completed” one.

However, if the first action worked perfectly, the second one give nothing. I tried forcing the type of the “Current year” to be a numerical one by adding +0 but it doesn’t work either.

I would appreciate any help if someone else has already encountered this problem.

Thank you

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Please post screenshots or a video of your automation setup.

Here are screenshots of the automation, the two fields I am using and the record fields after automation. The status has been correctly updated, but not the year field.


That should work! Maybe try re-testing the trigger and the action?

Yes it works now. I don’t understand why this wasn’t the case during my tests this morning! @ScottWorld thank you for your help.

Ha, that’s great! Who knows — Automations are a bit like entering the Twilight Zone. :winking_face: