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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I appreciate you taking the time to read my problem 😊


We have set up multiple automations which use the built in Airtable Email action to email people about their enrollment. However, it appears that we are continuously receiving an error when trying to run the automation - "An unknown error occurred". I have tried to delete the email trigger and restart but am still getting the same error. However, when running the email action in a different automation (same table and base) I am not receiving the error. I have also checked our plan usage and quotas, and we are still within our limits. This is a very tricky situation, and we are in desperate need of a solution as our club depends on these emails being sent out in a timely manner.


I appreciate any support or ideas you may have 😊


Warm Regards,


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For me, when I see that error when sending emails it's due to me attempting to send an email to someone who isn't a workspace or base collaborator.  Not sure if that's what's happening to you though