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5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Just an FYI: You said “Hello Airtable” in your video, but this is just a forum of your fellow Airtable users… we’re just customers (and some of us are independent Airtable consultants, like myself) who are paying for Airtable & using Airtable just like you.

Unfortunately, Integromat/Make is fully responsible for all of their own Airtable modules, and Airtable has nothing to do with those modules. Sadly, the people working at Integromat/Make have extremely low technical understanding of Airtable — some of the poorest understanding I have seen.

I have probably reported over 10 major & serious Airtable bugs to them in the past, and I had to be extremely persistent with them for over a year to get them to fix all of the Airtable bugs that I reported to them. Dozens of emails over a year.

If this is indeed a bug, then perhaps you can be persistent with them and get them to fix it as well. So what you’ll want to do is open a support ticket with them through their website.

Be sure to post back here with what they say! They might even have some insights for you if it turns out not to be a bug.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

but does it make sense that it’d work in one page but not another? It’s almost like moving the form freaks it out.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

@ScottWorld - Same thing happens in Zapier


That would indicate to me that there is a problem with your automation setup or your base setup, not the automation tools themselves. Sorry that I can’t be of more help!

@ScottWorld - I appreciate you trying to help. I’m a little confused why your commented though…it doesn’t appear you even watched my video, which walks through the entire process and also shows that there was a positive result using my setup on one page, but a negative result using the same process on a different page.

It’s okay that you don’t have a solution; but it feels like you’re trying to declaring problems to issues you really don’t know anything about yet.

As stated, I’ve gotten a positive result using my setup, but the same setup on a different page gives me this error. I also get the same thing when I do this with Zapier. So I doubt the the same issue lies both with Make and Zapier…as such, I’ve created a support ticket to Airtable.

best of luck!

Yes, I watched your video 3 times, and to be honest, I didn’t think that you explained things too well in the video, because I couldn’t understand your video or what you were trying to do. But I took your word for it that you were experiencing a genuine bug in Make. When you told me that the same problem existed in Zapier, it was clear to me that the problem was MOST LIKELY not with Make or Zapier.

As an expert Airtable consultant and an expert Make consultant and a partner of Make, I am absolutely able to solve problems like these for many people, including my paid clients. But I have already dedicated a significant amount of my volunteer time trying to guide you. Nobody pays me to be here, just like nobody pays you to be here. If you want to hire me as your own personal Airtable consultant to dive deeply into your scenario & dive deeply into your base for you, that is what I do with my business. Otherwise, it would be nice for you to be appreciative of someone trying to help you for free… especially when nobody else has answered you except for me.

@ScottWorld - I’m not going to banter back and forth with you regarding this. I DID say I appreciated your time and still do; I know your time is worth something. However, if you felt the video wasn’t clear and you didn’t understand what was going on, then why didn’t you ask for clarity? Instead it felt as though basically said “make sucks and you probably setup airtable wrong, good luck!”.

I’m obviously posting on here to get real help, not some passing general opinion on the general issues.

Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi Josh,

The record ID inputs appear to be different – at 1:37 with the successful call you can see it ends in ‘6Duc’ the same as the record ID selected at 0:52, at around 3:47 the failed call the record ID input ends with ‘vcOt’.

Not an expert with Make/Integromat, but this appears to be the culprit. Not sure where the vcOt record ID is coming from, but given that there was only a single record ID in in the test table, the response you’re receiving around the unknown field ID appears to be correct for this mystery record ID.

Hope this helps!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello @Josh_Fifelski, did you find solution? I am suddenly having the same idiotic error. It all looks good, it’s a simple operation of updating one field after a search. I have created many other fields and all get this error. However, in the same scenario, in another branch I have a similar module that works perfectly.

Thx for any help