Update Record does not recognise valid inputs - Linking tables with Web Clipper

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello 👋

I have been building automation to link data from one table to another when one table receives data from Airtable's Web Clipper extension.

I have a way to do this, and when I run each step of the automation test, the data is populated in the correct fields in the other table.

The problem is that on the final step of the automation, Airtable thinks that it received invalid inputs despite it correctly updating the record when running the test.

I will try to outline the automation below:
1. Web Clipper is sending data to a table called 'Applications'; it has a single select field for Companies, linked from a table called 'Companies'.
2. If a company does not exist in the Companies table, there is a text field for New Company's.
3. The rest of the data is entered into the Web Clipper and sent.
4. A New Company is entered in Web Clipper as single line text, and this is mapped to the Applications table.
5. In the Automation, we have a trigger When a record matches conditions in the Applications table When New Company is not empty.
6. This then creates a record in the Companies table.
7. It populates the Company Name (single line text) with the New Company text field from Applications.
8. It also maps other fields that need to be added to the Companies table.
9. It has a linked record to the Applications table, which is mapped to the Airtable record ID.
10. The next step is to Find records in the Companies Table based on the condition Where Company Name is not empty.
11. The next step is to Update the record in the Applications table with the Record ID set to the Airtable record ID found in the Find records action and the field set to a Linked Record called Linked Company, which is mapped to the Airtable record ID in the Find Records.
12. The test at this stage of the automation claims that it Received invalid inputs.
13. When checking both tables after running the test and setting the Automation to On, the data is populated and linked across both tables correctly, but the Automation thinks it is broken in some way.

Does anyone know how to fix this or make this scenario work? Screenshot attached

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