Use ADDTIME formula on a date field

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have an automation that creates new records in table B when a record is created in table A. For those records, I want to have as a due date Today() + 3 days. How can you do that within the automation without creating a new field in table A (workaround)?

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10 - Mercury

Hi Maria. Is what you are asking the same as if the due date was the “date of the record creation” + 3 days? The records I’m speaking of are the new records in table B. If so, you could just create a formula field (the due date) in table B with the formula being


Does that work for you?

You either need a a new field in the table or a a script that calculates the date. You cannot use formula directly in an automation.

DATEADD(TODAY(), 3, 'days')

I do not want to populate Table A with extra fields only relevant to the automation.

Could you help on with the script syntaxis?

I wasn’t suggesting a field in table A. Only that the due date field in table B be a formula field that uses the creation date of the record as the date to which 3 days will be added. Do you not want a due date field?

Hi @augmented yes, this is a project that has different stages so I’m creating each stage with a different due date based on the creation date.

@Maria_Alvarez So, is it correct to say that 1) you need a due date field in table B and 2) the due date is 3 days after the creation date? If so, see my original answer. Nothing needs be done in an automation.

If I have misunderstood, please clarify for me if you can. Thanks. Good luck!

Hi @augmented I need a due date in table B, but depending on the task type it will be one value or another. So I can use one formula for all, I will need to “ideally” do it during the automation.