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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a base where setting up training cohorts for us to analyze feedback from people we have trained.
Team = list of attendees
Product/Course = set up of the training class
Cohort weeks =the list of course and the week
Attendance = attendance at the attendee level
In the first table, I select the linked course from our list of training courses. This pulls in the duration (in weeks of the course) and other details. I then have a link to another record set up where you can add multiple attendees to that cohort.
I then have automation that runs and creates the X week for the cohort this allows the trainer to set the dates for each week etc.
Now to the problem I want to extract each attendee from the field that contains multiple linked attendees and create a new record
In this example, 2 attendees have been added. i want to create an automation that creates a record for each attendee as its own line item in the database so we can send a customized survey and check progress over the duration of the cause. That’s where I have become stuck. Any help would be amazing… i am sure it can be done I am just at a lost of how to do it…

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Hey man, if you’re looking to this just within Airtable itself, you’d have to create a unique comma separated list of values from the Clients Attendees field, and then paste that list of values into a linked field to the table that you want those records created in

In your situation, you’d probably want [Course Name] - [Client Name], and so with reference to your screenshot you’d end up with:
Course 1 - Jason Nash (Test), Course 1 - Steven

And then you’d use an automation to paste that into the linked field, which would create the records

Here’s a gif of something similar working, where the field Calculation has the unique comma separated list of values which is pasted into the Meal Plan field
check in

If not, you could probably use some third party service to help you do this like Make or Zapier or something

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

But I want automation to do this for me… I can see how this would work manually, but it’s not automated. I am surprised if this is not possible.
I just need a way to create the record based on the times in the Array. What about if I was to use scripting? That that I sure how to do that.

Hm, you would use an automation to do it though. What issues do you foresee using an automation to paste the values from one field into another?

Yeah sure you can go down the scripting road too if you want

When I past it in using automation it adds all the names with , between them rather then creating their own records individually.

You’re pasting the values into a linked field and you’re certain that they’re unique and do not currently exist in the other table?

Could you share some screenshots perhaps?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Adam, I got it to work… I now understand how it worked