using conditional automation to compare dates

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4 - Data Explorer

I tried using conditional automation to compare dates. This did not work.
Can you explain to me why?
I tried in 2 ways- one: comparing dates, the other: creating two conditions with ‘or’ between them and a condition that asks if my new date or before or after the previous date.

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Could you provide a bit more context to what you’re trying to achieve?

If you’re trying to just compare two date values on the same record, you will want to utilize a formula, instead of an automation.

Something along the lines of:

{dateOne} > {dateTwo},
“Text string if true”,
“Text string if false”

From that point, if you wanted to run an automation off of whether or not dateOne is after dateTwo, you would trigger that automation off of the value returned from the formula.

Here’s an example:

You have an automation that watches for changes in Formula Field.
dateOne is after dateTwo, thus “Text string if true” is displayed in Formula Field.

In the automation, when change occurs:

  • If the value of Formula Field = “Text string if true”, then run Action(s)
  • If the value of Formula Field = “Text string if false”, then run Actions(s).

And so on…