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Using Formula to Fix Time in Automated Email

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I have an automated email going out to notify people what day/time the Round of edits are due. The date and time look fine in my record but the email says “Please complete your edits by 2021-04-09T09:52:00.000Z”. This is not easily readable.

I’ve learned about adding a formula to the table that corrects this but it’s specific to only one field. DATETIME_FORMAT({RD1 Comments Due}, ‘M/DD/YYYY \at h:mma’). That works in the body of the email when I select this formula record to get RD1 Comments Due.

Now I want to have an automated email for RD2 Comments Due. Do I have to make a 2nd Time Formula for that field?

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Yes. Date field formatting in the Airtable UI is only for the UI. When displaying that date anywhere else, it will need to be formatted using a formula field. For example, if you have five date fields that you want to share outside of Airtable, there will need to be five formula fields.

I was afraid of that! I guess it’s worth the extra work.