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4 - Data Explorer

I have a table that get’s updated with external date via zapier.
One of the columns it updates is called ‘Shipping Country’, it get’s updated with a two latter country code, there’s another empty column ‘Shipping Country - Full Name’.

I have a different table, on the same base that has 2 column and over 200 rows. of country code in the first column, and full country name in the second column.

I’d like that when a country gets populated in the ‘Shipping Country’ column, It triggers an action that populates the ‘Shipping Country - Full name’ column with the country’s full name, either using the country code table, or manually setting 200+ actions and triggers.


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  1. Add a new Link to Another Record-type field named {Shipping Country} (link) which will link to your [Countries] table.
  2. Convert your blank {Shipping Country Full Name} column into a Lookup-type field that looks at the [Countries] table’s {Full Name} column.
  3. Set an Automation to trigger when {Shipping Country} is not blank.
  4. Add an Update record action step to the Automation to copy the value from {Shipping Country} into {Shipping Country (link).