When a record is updated on one table updated record on second table

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a base that acts as a sales pipe line of sorts with each stage having its own table (Bid Board, Pre-Approval, Live, Shipping, and Completion). I have it set up through multiple If-status > Create record automations to move a job along the tables once it reaches a specific stage. This has been working great for me but there is one issue. If I notice there is a mistake or I need to update some information on an existing record (for example "client name") I would need to manually do it across each table.

I tried to set up an automation using the following -

Trigger - When Record is Updated

Actions - Find Records > Update Record

With the intention of having it detect that a record was updated, and then reflect that update on the second table. For example if I updated a Customers name on "Bid Board," then the automation also correct it on "Pre-Approval."

Testing the automation returns all check marks but actually trying it in live nothing happens. I see the automation ran but there are no changes being made. I've attached screenshots of how I have it set up.

Much appreciated in advance for the help.


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7 - App Architect


Welcome to the Airtable community!

One reason why your tests may be working, but this automation does not work in practice might have to do with the fact that the automation is running prematurely. This has to do with how/when Airtable recognizes a record as being updated. Airtable updates the "last updated" time of record to be as soon as a change is initiated, not after you have left the cell, this means you could be partly through changing a name when Airtable decides to trigger your automation and essentially there is not enough time for Airtable to know your new values, causing errors in your automation flow.

The way most people get around this is by using a different trigger that waits some period of time before your automation runs, giving the user enough time to input their changes before the automation runs. They employ a formula field that compares the NOW( ) function to the "Last Modified Time" field in Airtable:
"IF({Last Modified} < NOW(), "run automation")" essentially this field would be blank immediately after a change, and then eventually would read "Run Automation" once the NOW( ) function updates. The downside is that the now( ) function is not consistent in Airtable, it updates range from 1 minute - 10 minutes at times but is typically updated every 5 minutes, which means there could be some delay between changes.

You would change the trigger of your automation to "When conditions are met" and check for "run automation" in your formula.


I would also double check that you are referencing the correct RecordID in your loop/update record step, just incase. 

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have questions. 

- Chantal 



Thanks for the response!

I tested out your theory by copy and pasting a new value rather than typing it which would eliminate the initiation timing if I'm not mistaken, but still no changes to the records on the other table. I suspect it has something to do with the RecordID as thats usually the problem with my automations. I forgot to mention that I have the "Update Record" set up as a repeating action.

The "Find Records" step I have the table set to "Pre-Approval," which is the table that I want to automatically update based on the first. I have the "Find Records based on" set to "View" and "View" set to "Grid View."

The Record ID of the "Update Record" step I have set to "Airtable record ID"