Would it be possible to sum-by-column in automation, or email a pivot table app view?

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There is a table that contains member IDs and credits allocated, which I would like to periodically summarize and distribute to a member of staff. I wish to sum the member IDs duplicated across multiple days, with different credit values, resulting in:
A. Smith 23
B. Jones 12
C. Young 75

It is possible to create this output with a pivot table, but I need to be able to distribute it automatically, without a staff member’s knowledge. While I can send regular email/Slack outputs, I cannot get the summary to work (perhaps with scripting).

Any suggestions?
Best Regards
Jessica Layson

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Hi Jessica
Yes, you will need to have a formula or rollups to calculate the credits. Then you can automate sending that result in an email.

Not sure what your data looks like. Are People and Credits in different tables and Linked or are People, Credits and Dates all in the same table?