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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I would love to have some additional filter options for filtering the base and grouping the views. 
Google Tables lets you filter by Week, which is a great feature. I can't find a way to do this in Airtable. I can only say within the next or previous 7 days. What if I want to see it by just this current week Monday-Sunday? Especially in the reporting. Below are the DataStudio and Google Tables quick select date filters. From what I can tell, I cannot do this with Airtable. One of my Bases is my estimating department. I just moved them over from Google Tables, and one thing that is greatly missed is the ability to group by week. Seems like it should be an easily accessible feature, and I hope I'm just missing something. 

It would also be nice in the reporting to be able to compare last month versus this month or last year versus this year. Cannot do that because the filters, from what I can tell, only show "within" as an option. 

Thank you for any help

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Yeah I don't think you're missing anything I'm afraid.  I usually end up creating a formula field as a workaround

For example, if you're trying to do records for this week, you could try:

Which would output "1" if the record was from this week, and you could them filter off of that