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How can I make it so someone can add drop down items to a field but not be able to delete,rename,access specific views? Seems like this permission system needs to be more complex bc I’m finding that I have to give up a lot of control to simply manage...
I'm trying to do some math and get some totals of columns, but I have div/0 errors. The following formula calculates work days and prints the result from a "StartDate" and a "FinishDate" column.  DATETIME_DIFF(EstFinish,EstStart,'days')-(INT(DATETIME...
I would love to have some additional filter options for filtering the base and grouping the views. Google Tables lets you filter by Week, which is a great feature. I can't find a way to do this in Airtable. I can only say within the next or previous ...
Hello :slightly_smiling_face: I have this formula to calculate Manpower/Days/Hours and a Rate into a dollar amount here: IF({MP/Day} > 0, {MP/Day} * Days * Hours * Rate,“0”) and it works! However it’s not being recognized by Airtable as a ## theref...
Hello, I’m trying to limit my teams input on record creation. on my records I have two fields one is called “LinerType” and is single select and the other is called “Liner” and is also single select. I want to make an automation or something so that ...