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Hello community, how would you go about exporting a table or even base's field names and IDs? In an ideal case, I would sync on intervals a sorted list of all fields and their properties, similar to how it's shown under manage fields. Thanks!
I'm trying to detect overlaps between my records and display data from the respective other records they're overlapping with, but am struggling yet again with creating the right regular expression for the REGEX_EXTRACT. Currently I'm...Creating an id...
From a look-up field array, I’m extracting a duration h:mm, which I’m trying to convert to a duration field. The time comes out alright in a human readable format, e.g. 2:59, 4:24, 6:00, but I’m struggling to convert the string into a duration format...
Depsite @Justin_Barrett’s help last time, I still cannot figure out simple regex patterns. This time, I’m combining in a roll-up year and value and am trying to extract the value based on a date. IF( AND(Date, Values), REGEX_EXTRACT( Values, ...
Hey there, I’m looking up a duration formatted formula field from multiple records. The result of the lookup looks like this “4:24, 6:00, 6:31”. Is there a way to reference and DATETIME_FORMAT this in a formula field and get a similar output format? ...