Airtable to track stock on Shopify - Products in Stock and Preorder

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi y'all,

So, I have a store on shopify were i sell products in stock and products that are on preorder. The variants in stock are defined by the word "EXPRESS" and a metafield in them, the rest of them don't have it. 

I'm using the AirPower template to track products and variants and sales but i don't know if it is the right solution for my case. 

I would like to automatize the tracking of the Variants i have in hand and once they go out of stock to transform them in preorder products automatically, so basically to delete the field "EXPRESS" and the Metafield attached. Also i would like to track sales too. 

What i'm struggling with is the way the Variants are logged.

I have multiples of the same variant but bought at different price points and at different dates. I can't just add "#" to the variant quantity because i would lose the option to track how much i'm making on that specific variant and how long that product stays in my hand. Both pretty important details. 

At the moment i'm tracking everything on a spreadsheet where i have a line for every product and size (variant), and so the multiple sizes are not an issue since i just create a new line. 

How would you guys approach this?

Any idea is appreciated!





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