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Assigning a single set of tasks to multiple people and for multiple events

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4 - Data Explorer

Newbie here, and am loving Airtable so far

I am using the Event Planning base to hold all of our dept events (about 200 annually). All events will have the same set of task to complete - pre-event checklist - which can be done by one or more team members.

How can I set up my Airtable so the assigned team member to a given event can check-off which of the tasks they have completed for each events?

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Hi Dan, I assume you’ve got a linked field or user field or some such in the Events table that you use to assign team members to an event called “Assigned to” or some such?

If so, I think I would tackle this with the following steps

  1. Create a Tasks table
  2. Create a link between the Tasks table and the Events table
  3. Create an automation that will trigger when a record in the Events table has a Tasks linked field that is empty and an Assigned To field that is NOT empty
  4. In this automation, have one Create Record action per task that needs to be completed, and link each of these records back to the Event record. i.e. if there are 5 tasks, create 5 Create Record actions with the appropriate prefilled data, assigned to the person set in the Event record

The workflow would then be for you to create new events and assign a team member to it, and the automation would automatically create X new tasks, all assigned to that team member

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve been swamped today, so I’m hoping to give this a shot tomorrow, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

I do have Tasks linked to Events - will follow other steps tomorrow. I need to learn how to create an Automation too!