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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hoping someone can help figure out the best way to set this up.

We have students taking various assessments that range in length from apron 20 - 100 questions. 

The assessments feed into a table with the submission ID as the primary record field, and then all of there responses as individual fields associated with that record (columns.). Some of the info collected is demographic, some is self-reflection (no single correct answer), and some is multiple choice or short answer, for which there are correct answers.

I'm hoping to set up a separate table for scoring.  It would references a student's response, compare it to the correct answer (which could also be a record in the student answer table, or preferably, a separate "question key" table), and record 0 or 1. 

We would then have separate fields that would tabulate the raw scores for each section and covert them accordingly.  

In an ideal world, we'd then also figure out how to power generating individual score reports with appropriate visualization from this data for each student.  But one step at a time - how do we set up a table to score the student answer?  I'm new to Airtable and my spreadsheet mindset of referencing fields within a formula certainly doesn't seem to work here.  And so I've linked the tables but that also doesn't seem to allow me to do me with the underlying response.  Hoping not to have to completely replicate the entire set of 100 response in a new table in addition to fields for scoring them (ie 100 fields becomes 200 fields).  But everything else I've tried so far hasn't worked.

Also, I don't think I have much control over how the main table is formatted in that the system auto-populates that table with the answer as separate fields.  BUT I am happy to scrap all of my attempts at creating new tables and start over if someone can point me in the right direction. 

Many thanks in advance!

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