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This is more of a feasibilty question than anything else. We need a database to enter vehicle information that will enter our facility. This is a pre-registration scenario, where a vendor or employee provides their vehicle information and a unique RFID number/sticker is applied to the vehicle. Before the RFID number/sticker is assigned, the only unique aspect of the information is the vehicle’s license#. Because they apply for many vehicles at one time, the owner information is entered and then the unique vehicle information under the owner.

I’m trying to keep from having to populate an owner table and then switch to a vehicle table to enter possibly 20+ vehicles. Possible?

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Welcome to the community, @Allen_Beck! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

Maybe, but I’m still not sure that I understand what you’re seeking. Are you looking to simplify the data-entry process? A custom script could prompt you for information about the owner and each of the owner’s vehicles, and make all of the relevant records in the background. Would that be sufficient? Or is it a case where you want to enter the owner info, then choose a number of vehicle records to make for that owner and a script would give you that many blank records to fill?

If neither of those addresses your use case, then please share more details about what specific problem you’re looking to solve.

It’s more of a form & sub-form issue, somewhat similar to an order entry model, where the customer information (read vehicle owner - name, address, etc.) is added in the primary form and items (read vehicles - make, model, year, license, etc.) is added n the subform until all items (vehicles) are entered. The difference is that there are no “items” in any table. I have seen a 3rd party script for this, but it is way too slow for the purpose. I’m coming to the conclusion that this may not be the appropriate tool for the purpose.

@Allen_Beck Thanks for the clarification. It’s definitely possible to create a script that operates as you described, collecting customer data first, then asking for vehicle information after that. It could be designed to collect a single vehicle’s info, then ask the user about adding another vehicle. If confirmed, the add-vehicle process would repeat, and this could continue as often as necessary to add all vehicles.

The basics of this could be done by writing a script that executes in a Scripting app in the apps sidebar, while something more robust could be developed as a custom app with a more streamlined interface.