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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have an airtable base for a volunteer organization, which is organized into project areas (Social Media Posts, Newsletters, Articles). I am trying to create a ‘collaborator summary’ table where I can quickly see what assignments those collaborators have from other tables. Is this possible?

For example, if I am assigned to write 2 Social media posts, I want to see the title of those posts in my ‘summary’ table. I also want to see which Newsletters I am assigned to, so maybe that needs to be a different field in the summary table.

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Hi @Alex_Grant,

Yes you can do that. In the field where you choose the assignee, it should be a Linked Field, then use this field to create a new table called Employees for example. In this new table you can have Lookup fields that shows you the info you want.


Thanks for the reply! I think I’m almost following you…
In the table where we assign the Social Media projects, we’re using collaborator field to assign people to each project. Is THAT the one I need to change to a linked field? If so, does that mean I would replicate that change in the other tables (i.e. newsletters)?

Yes exactly, both fields should be Linked to another record (basically they will be linked to the same table)