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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there! I’ve found a few threads on (the lack of) bidirectional links and the use of junction tables, but I still can’t find the right answer for the following use case, which I’ll describe two ways.

Example 1: I have a list of kids in a class, with the names in Column 1. I want to say that Abby is friends with Billy and Charlie (perhaps in Column 2), and want Billy’s row to automatically update to show that Billy is friends with Abby and Charlie (and have Charlie’s row to update showing he’s friends with Abby and Billy). As of now, I can create Column 2 to reference Column 1, but I have to manually ensure consistency of the relationship in each direction.

Example 2: I am putting together competitive landscaping “clusters” to show orgs that are in competition with one another. For example, Apple competes with Google and Facebook. If the companies are all in Column A, I’d like to say Apple competes with Google and Facebook, then have it populate for the other two companies.

Bonus questions:

a. I know there are org chart hierarchy blocks, but are there any blocks that visualize the network as a graph with nodes & edges?

b. If I want to show that some folks are friends and some folks are competitors, would it be best to do so in separate columns, or would you establish the existence of the relationship in one column then characterize that relationship elsewhere? Perhaps through junction tables?

Thank you all. There’s so much amazing knowledge in this community, and I have a feeling I’m not the first person to come across this challenge.

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