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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Our use of Airtable is becoming so big that we really can't have everything in one base, but if we separate our operations into several bases, we're concerned there'll be some loss in terms of the interactions between our work. a few questions:

  • pretty sure i know the answer to this one: is there a way for 2 bases to "talk to each other" and for data to interact with each other through automations or edits?
  • if not, i understand that i can create a synced view to see data from 1 base in the other, but is it only viewing? is there a way to edit back and forth through a synced view?
  • We're using the Pro plan. can we do the above if we're on Enterprise?
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Hi @Limi,

Yes! You can sync tables from base to base to get a read-only view in a second base on the free/plus/pro plans. 2-way editable sync is new and currently only available on the enterprise plan.  You can create a hacky 2-way editable sync with automations but it would be rather complex.

In determining the relationship between your main base and team bases, you can

  • sync multiple bases into one source table of a master base (trickier as it requires sync'd columns/data mostly matching across bases)
  • sync a master base table (such as projects) to individual team bases where teams can create linked records such as tasks and manage work separately from the main base (a little easier to implement). This sync can be set up so that only filtered records go to team bases from your main table (for example, "teams involved" as a field on Projects could dictate only records relevant to that team show up in their base.)

Having a main base be the SSoT and simultaneously letting teams work autonomously in their own environment, managing data that is relevant to them while also being connected with the broader org, is the secret sauce of Airtable.