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6 - Interface Innovator

I have a table that each record has an effective date that contains data that changes weekly. Is it possible somehow to have the data tied to those records to be view as historical data? My first thought would to be copy the table and date it, but I’ll end with with mulitple tables dated weekly. Essentially what I’m trying to do when item prices change to see the current values and then be able to refence the price of the item in the past.


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Hey @Smyth_County!

Interestingly, I’m in the middle of solutioning for this right now.
My solution was to build a way to store metadata related to a given record.

For record updates, I have a script that takes the record data and changes then builds or updates a JSON array that is then appended to a long-text field.

When a new record is created, the initial field values are used to construct a JSON array that then gets transformed into a string and then added to the long-text field.

From there, any time there is an update, the script will parse the JSON in the field and then adds the change/value history to it before appending the updated array to the long-text field.