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Not sure this is possible but I can’t seem to get this to work when I add the second part. I have a formula that works this way 'If Base Rate = 0 and IF UM= “Pounds” then Weight / 2000 * Price, IF Base =0 and IF UM= “Kilograms” then Weight / 2200 * ...
I have a table that each record has an effective date that contains data that changes weekly. Is it possible somehow to have the data tied to those records to be view as historical data? My first thought would to be copy the table and date it, but ...
I know this is simple but I’m struggling for some reason. {Average Weight}/2000 * {Base Rate} + {Surcharge Calc} It adds the ‘Surcharge Calc’ which is a percentage just as a number. What I’m trying to accomplish: Average Weight = 10000, Base Rate...
I can’t seem to figure this out. Here is what I’m trying to accomplish. When A Record Matches a Conditon In Table 1, then Update Record in Table 1 (Field 1) with data from Table 2 (Field 1). Is this possible using the automations? Esssentially wha...
I’m not sure this is possible. I’m trying to multiply the amount of an item by a range with an attached percentage. For example, if the fuel price is $5.00 then the range is $5.00 - $5.25 and the percentage is 2%. Then multiply the Freight Amount ...
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