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6 - Interface Innovator

I can’t seem to figure this out. Here is what I’m trying to accomplish. When A Record Matches a Conditon In Table 1, then Update Record in Table 1 (Field 1) with data from Table 2 (Field 1). Is this possible using the automations?

Esssentially what is happening is when a drop down box in Table 1 = “Policy 1” then get the corresponding Policy from Table 2.

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Why not just use a Linked Record field?

I’m not sure how to make that Link Record field work with the drop down? The Policy in table 2 is a numerical value from a formula that will used to compute data on Table 1

To clarify, I meant: Why are you using a Single Select field instead of a Link Record field?

They don’t have to work together, you likely only need one.

The point of using Linked Records in instances like these is they are designed to work with Lookups (or Rollups), whose sole purpose is to pull in data from another table. Single Selects are not designed to do this. While you can set something up with Automations, you would be using the wrong tools for a (likely) simple job.

I understand what you are referring to, but this logic seemed to work better for my project. I did figure it out, I had to create two actions, one to Find records to locate the field in table 2 and then Update records to place the data in the correct field in Table 1.