Calendar view - time slot is correct but the time in the comment field of the slot is wrong timezone

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I will start the post by saying I dislike hate this new forum. I doubt anybody will read this or because everybody is gone and this is just going to fall into the gutters of this new crapy site.


How can I change the date showing in the calendar slot. The time shows correct time zone but the calendar slot shows wrong time zone (I believe it is GMT time, for me minus 5 hours).

I played around with time zones so I know it can get difficult to get it to work correctly but that is not the issue. The field shows correct time zone. 

The calendar slot is also correct.

Only the bottom of the time slot shows wrong time zone. This is not my field, it seems default field shown by Airtable and I can't disable it. Not sure where comes from.


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WHY This community site doesn't even show attached pictures.  Is Airtable team serious???  Do people need to download the picture to see it first before they can respond? Get down this junkyard support board and back to the old one.

Hi!  When I changed my own computer's timezone, the time displayed in the Calendar changed with it.  Perhaps that explains what you're facing?change timezone.gif

Thank you for putting this together. I looked into the time zone in system preferences it shows correct time zone. However, today I looked at the calendar and the issue is gone somehow. Don't know, haven't changed anything. 

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have the same issue. I checked my time zone on my computer and it is correct. But all my available time slots are displaying in GMT.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

OK, I found the answer through a message to support. You have to edit the time slot records. 

When you edit your time slot field, you can select whether to "Use the same timezone (GMT) for all collaborators."