Can Airtable solve this situation?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Here's the situation. I need a base with 4 tables. Each table has inventory for 4 different types of products. Data for each record includes descriptors including single and multi-selects, text and most importantly the # available. The inventory manager would add this data. So far, pretty easy. Next, want to create a form so requestors can order from this inventory. Requestors would need to see the inventory available by type. As requestors fill out the form to place their order, we need to see the inventory amount change in real-time such that if user #one depletes the stock, user #2 will see a notice similar to "currently out of stock, will be ordered."  It would be nice if the inventory manager would be notified that a product would need to be ordered. 

There would also be the need on the form to order a product that is currently not in inventory. Not sure if the existing data sets would be used or just an open text box.

Can Airtable do this?

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